Think Alike Productions was formed in 2011 by a group of writers and childhood comic book aficionados originally based out of Miami, Florida-who also happen to be best friends. Becoming creative professionals was a lifelong dream for all of us. After two years in production, our flagship project The Agency comic book debuted on Comixology in June 2014. We’ve since launched three new titles currently in production and slated for release in 2015. Our experience as independent creators searching for the perfect publishing house ultimately lead to the birth of Think Alike Productions Publishing studio in January 2015. Our members are:

Benjamin Charbit
President of Think Alike Productions

Ruben Romero
Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder of Think Alike Productions

Roger Cabrera
Vice President, Submissions Director and Co-Founder of Think Alike Productions


Think Alike Studios currently produce and distribute comic book and graphic novel titles both digitally via Comixology and in print form via Diamond Comics Distributors. We are also available on a work for hire basis to produce scripts, novels, and other intellectual property upon request. Please contact us for more information.


Think Alike Productions is an independent publishing house whose primary goal is to give creators like us the opportunity to distribute their work while bringing exciting new content to the indie comic book scene. We are striving to bring a new level of artistic talent to the industry and are committed to providing readers with completely new experiences. We are dedicated to continuing to create awareness and appreciation for independent comics and strive to make a lasting contribution to the comic book culture phenomenon in the twenty first century.