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Ruben Romero was born in Caracas, Venezuela and moved to the US at the tender age of 3. He grew up in Miami, Florida and loved all things Lucas and Spielberg. At an early age he developed a serious love for comic books and loved to read and write fan fiction. Years later, he and his best friend Roger Cabrera decided to enter a contest Amazon was hosting for independent screenwriters and the rest as they say, is history. He wrote a screenplay titled Highly Contagious and his appetite for writing became insatiable. He began writing screenplays and short stories until becoming a founding member of Think Alike Productions and created The Agency comic book. In addition to The Agency, Ruben has written a graphic novel based on a screenplay adaptation and co-created two new titles slated for release in 2015, Rex Storm and The Throwaways. He is Chief Creative Officer of Think Alike Productions and currently resides in Tampa, Florida with his family and his dog. His favorite superhero is Batman and his favorite character from the Think Alike lineup is Ty’r from Salvagers, because even though he is physically imposing, he’s an endearing character with relatable qualities.

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Roger Cabrera was born in Miami, Florida and is an only child who grew up watching Bruce Lee movies and Transformers cartoons. Due to the lack of siblings he was forced to use his imagination for entertainment and developed a love for reading and writing, creating his own worlds, and as a result of the kung fu movies, a fascination with knives and swords. He met Ruben in high school and the two bonded quickly over all the things they had in common; from basketball to movies and music, they became best friends and still are to this day. The two were inspired to enter a screenwriting contest after brainstorming ways to nurture their love for creating and plotting ways to leave their day jobs. Writing quickly became an addiction for Roger and one night in December 2011, he uttered the words, “What about mages?” effectively creating the concept for what was to become The Agency. Alas, Think Alike was born and Roger is now our Submissions Director. His lifelong love of kung fu and weaponry lead to his creation, Cam’Lot, a project he is working on slated for release in 2015. Roger currently resides in Miami, Florida and is still searching for his Beatrix Kiddo. His favorite superhero is Wolverine and his favorite character from the Think Alike lineup is Damian from The Agency, because he says it’s just more fun to bad.

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Q: Who is Kevan Mills? A: I was born and raised in Iowa. I lived in Boston while attending art school and received a BA in Illustration and Animation. I continued my animation education in San Diego where I received a certificate in Advanced 3D Animation. During that time I became an intern at Sony Computer Entertainment America. After the internship I worked at SCEA as an Environment Artist for their first party titles. I am credited to titles on the PS2, PS3, PSN and PSVita. For about six years I took a break from writing to work in the video game industry as said environment artist and animator, but the love for comics never faded. Five years ago I came up with the story for Sekuro and have been developing it ever since. Q: Favorite superhero? A: The Amazing Spider-man. Q: Favorite character from the Think Alike Productions lineup? A: I am excited to see what is in store with the Salvagers title Q: What is Sekuro? A: The Sekuro Project is a sci-fi superhero comic book. Set in the fictional Bay City, a seaside city with a military history. The main character, Deven Dalton, is a down on his luck Triton Security Officer that gains superpowers after failing to stop a break in at the privately funded research corporation, Flexor Labs, by the notorious villain, Infex. After his ‘accident’, Deven’s life spins out of control. With his newly discovered powers, Deven uncovers the connection to a string of strange crimes and is pretty much forced into the superhero business. He transforms into Sekuro, but soon realizes that his superpowers come with painful side effects. And thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign and TAP, Sekuro is becoming a reality! Q: Why do you create comics? A: I have been a writer of comics and novels for over fifteen years and I have been drawing comics much longer than that! I started drawing comics shortly after I picked up my first Punisher comic. I believe in inspiring the next wave of creative minds through comics; just as comics inspired me as a kid. So, pick up issue #1 coming soon from Think Alike Productions and the rest of the many titles we offer.


Bob has been creatively writing short stories, poems and essays since graduating from the University of Pittsburgh in 1999. It wasn’t until 2004, due to a stint of writer’s block, when he decided to dive into a new craft of writing and put together his own sci-fi universe with Salvagers. Salvagers was born in a back alley “hole in the wall” when he thought to himself how much value there would be in salvaging the Star Wars universe. Imperial Destroyers, countless Tie Fighters and X-Wings and of course the priceless ruins of the Death Star… Twice! So he dove back into his childhood love, comic books, and read as many “How To” books as he could get his hands on and began writing the Salvagers Series. With the amazing artistic talent of George Acevedo, Salvagers has been growing fast and the universe has built a huge fan base.


Real Name: Alex Lobato Aliases: Domo arigato Mr. Lobato Occupation: Teacher by day/ Story Teller by night Place of Birth: Miami, FL Mentor: Hal Jordan (Green Lantern), Steve Rodgers (Captain America) Group Affiliations: Dark Side Global Team, Think Alike Productions, Salvagers crew, Sekuro Known Allies: Erica Olivera (GF/sidekick), Mo, Raul, Chao, Kevin, Known Enemies: Time Base of Operations: The Warehouse Education: Bachelors in Business Administration Description: Alex Lobato is a gritty; don’t take crap from anyone, kind of guy. He carries seven swords and uses them to slice and dice the bad guys in the face… well at least that’s what I wake up from every morning. Actually I am quite the opposite. I love comics and I love to write them! I love to play all sorts of roleplaying games, video games, and board games. I feel like these games have kept my imaginative juices flowing and my creative side alive and well. Powers/Weapons: I have the power to stay positive! This is both my power and my weakness. Sometimes I need a good slap in the face from reality but overall I enjoy staying positive and having faith that all will turn out well! My weapon is my “pen” (I put quotations because I really use the keyboard far more than I do a pen.) Once my fingertips hit these keys or the point of my pen hits the paper, ideas are brought to light and stories are born.

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Chris Williams (or Cdubb as he’s often called) is a comic artist, writer and creator located just outside Philadelphia. Since childhood, he has always been interested in comics and storytelling of any kind. Throughout grade school, you’d often find him creating his own comic books on loose-leaf paper or whatever surface he could get his hands on. It wasn’t until he attended the Art Institute of Philadelphia that he gained any formal art training. After earning his BA in Animation & Media Arts in 2008, Chris used his knowledge to hone his penciling and storytelling craft. He’s sold many illustrations (including the cover art for the magazine “Knights of The Dinner Table” #201) and commissioned work online and at various comic conventions which has only added to his already budding fan base. Chris’ main project is an original comic called SUMMONS; an eerie, atmospheric fantasy/horror series with throwbacks to the old days of 90s style comics, as well a fresh twist on (and homage to) old fantasy/horror tropes.

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Brian Hawkins is an English teacher in Washington, DC. He has spent over a decade attempting to change the world in the classroom. While attempting such a magnanimous feat he has found some time to teach Religion at a community college and explore one of his passions – storytelling. He’s written a novel, a few stage plays which he directed and produced himself, and now is following a childhood (*and adult) affinity for comic books by creating and writing them.